HBO And Starbucks Responds To Game of Thrones' Coffee Cup Blunder

A bit of caffeine makes Westeros a better place

First and foremost, no spoilers here!

A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment featuring a Starbucks coffee cup made its way into the fourth episode of Game of Thrones' eighth season. Spotted by eagle-eyed fans that could make Varys' network of spies blush, images of the unintentional and jarringly out-of-place product placement was shared throughout the internet realm just moments after the episode was done airing on HBO. Who would've thought a show highly acclaimed for its high budget special effects, CGI, and attention to detail could miss out such a blunder.

Fortunately, HBO decided to play along in their response on Twitter.

For the sake of the barista's survival, we sure as hell hope they spelled Daenerys' name right.

Amusingly, Starbucks themselves decided to chime in as well with their own Twitter response.

If you're not familiar with the Dragon Drink, we don't blame you as Starbucks Malaysia does not feature the beverage locally. Regardless, here's the drink's product information page for those who are curious.

You're welcome, and Valar Morghulis, fellow fans.