Hasbro's Chewbacca Furby is a force of cuteness

The next best thing to your very own Wookie is a Furby Wookiee

Hasbro's homage to the Star Wars franchise comes in a furry package - meet the Furby version of Han Solo's BFF, Chewbacca though we'll call him 'Chewie' if it's all the same to you.

Mashable got their mitts on this cute little guy and we're surprised it's going for a fall release when we're pretty sure there'll be a mini-stampede for him at Christmas. Besides being frickin' adorable, it hums the Star Wars theme song and speaks wookiee.

The cute is strong in this one

You'll notice that Chewie's signature bandolier has been modified. You'll see little eggs across it. Why? It's because the iOS and Android app that comes with it lets you hatch little Furbling friends.

As it is a Furby, expect it to act pretty much like the other fluffy tamagotchi equivalents. You can (virtually) feed, bathe and play games with him via the app. He'll also respond to scratches between his ears, thanks to the sensors on his head, under his tummy, mouth and tail.  Just don't anger him by pulling his tail. You'll see the anger in his eyes and, depending on his mood, perhaps pictures of Star Destroyers or X-Wing fighers.

Prepare US$79.99 (RM288) and four AA batteries if you want this little guy in your home.

[Source: Mashable]