Harry Potter fans, discover your inner Patronus via Pottermore

Simple quiz also includes fun animations

Harry Potter fans (secret or not), you have a new, fun diversion. Pottermore just put up a Patronus quiz on the site.

Pretty animations

It's fairly simple and straightforward. Sign on and register on the Pottermore site and then click on the quiz to get started.

You'll be told to intuitively answer and not spend too much time agonising on your choices, as the choices are timed.

Be warned though, though it's very pretty, the animations on the quiz might induce slight motion sickness or headaches so be prepared. Is it worth it? Well you may or may not like the animal you get but the animations throughout and for the Patronuses themselves are pretty neat.

Spend some time on the site as well to read up on Patronus lore: this writer got, of all things, a wood mouse. Maybe you will get something more exciting, who knows.

Patronuses are defensive spells used to ward or protect spellcasters from the dark creatures called dementors. The spell to conjure Patronuses is one that is difficult to master and is usually triggered by thinking of the happiest memory you have, which makes it hard for those who have had difficult or traumatic lives. 

A strong Patronus spell is usually the mark of a skilled wizard, with Dark Wizards usually being unable to conjure the spell as it favours those who are pure of heart. 

Hypable has a near-complete list of the various types of Patronuses (Patroni?) available.

Head over to the quiz to try it out.