Halide iOS camera app helps you shoot like a pro

Gesture-based controls make pro photography tweaks easy to use

iPhone photographers, there's a new camera app that works a little differently than what you're used to - Halide.

This new iOS camera app uses gesture controls to control exposure, focus, ISO, white balance, and shutter speed. It’s designed to be easy to use, even if you’re just dipping your feet into pro photography for the first time. 

The app was designed by former Twitter engineer Benjamin Sandofsky and former Apple designer Sebastiaan de With, who wanted to replicate the feel of using the dials of an old film camera - pro photographers will know that your camera’s controls become muscle memory after a while. 

For example, you can just slide the screen left or right to adjust the photo’s exposure - you don’t even have to understand what Exposure Compensation means. There's also no need to dig through the app to adjust ISO or even shutter speed.

Other cool features include using 3D Touch to preview the last photo taken (or just swipe from off the screen), RAW + JPG capture and a super handy level tool.

Halide can run on iPhone 5 and up using iOS 10, while iPhone 6s and up owners will have Halide’s live histogram and focus peaking features.

Try pro photography on Halide for RM12.90, but take note that it'll be a little pricier come 6 June.