Halfbike is an awesome tiny tricycle that's perfect for commuters

Why lug around a full-size bike when you can glide to work on this miniature model instead?

Halfbike? Half-baked, more like. Where are the handlebars? The seat? Pipe down. This mini-bike designed by Kolelinia is intended for urban commuting over short distances (around three miles or less) – you stand upright and turn by leaning your body.

Sounds a bit uncomfortable. With no seat, you'll certainly be getting a workout. The creators claim it mimics low impact style running; expect to exercise your glutes, quads and bum pedalling away.


Why would I want half a bike, anyway?Have you tried getting a full-sized bicycle on public transport? Good luck trying to hoik your Giant onto the train at peak time. The Halfbike weighs a mere 7.8kg – and more importantly, it's 40cm wide and 100cm tall, meaning that you can tote it about pretty much anywhere. And without the faff of folding and unfolding it, too. 

What's it made from?The Halfbike's two main components are a laser-cut aluminium frame, and an impregnated set of plywood handlebars. It's built using standard bike components too, so repairs and spares shouldn't pose any problems, either.

I'll take two. Does that mean I get a whole bike? Very funny. You'll need to head over to Kickstarter if you want to get a Halfbike; it's nearly halfway to its US$80,000 goal figure with 25 days left to pledge, so it's likely that it'll make it into production. Early Bird discounts have all been snapped up, though – if you want a Halfbike, you'll need to shell out US$900 (RM2980). Should've cycled over faster!

[via BikeRadar]

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