This guy's failed marriage proposal with 99 iPhones just gave him 99 problems

His biggest problem? His jilted story has gone viral
He bought 99 iPhones but the deal ain’t done

What’s worse than having your one and only iPhone 6 fall to the floor and then show a spider web cracked screen? Buying 99 iPhone 6 units for a proposal but then having your heart shattered, that’s what.   

In disbelief? It’s a true story bro. A computer programmer from China thought this idea was a remarkable one, and maybe even expected it to put him in the spotlight for coming up with the most romantic tech proposal in history.

In all honesty he did get there halfway, but is now an Internet sensation for being the most heartbroken nerd on earth – the pics made it on Weibo and have since gone viral. Our hearts seriously go out to him, and yours should too.

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He basically splurged (or coughed up) around RM237,000 on these 99 iPhone 6 units, arranged them into the shape of a heart and popped the question to his girlfriend. Putting it into perspective, that’s the amount an average Chinese person gets as their annual salary over not one but two years.  

But instead of crying him a river and sticking out her finger to let him put a ring on it (it might have been a huge one considering the price he paid for the iheart), she turned him down – in front of his colleagues and friends. What a bummer.

Well, looking at the bright side, if we learnt anything from the movie, Her, this guy’s left with 99 Siris that might be able to help mend his broken heart. Maybe even you might benefit from this broken love tale, if he chooses to sell off these smartphones on eBay at a reduced price. 

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[Source: TVNZ, image: Weibo]