This guy flew in the air on a super drone with 54 propellers

It’s one way to avoid the crazy traffic jams or skip the snaking queues for the bus

Chalk this up as one of the crazy yet oddly practical things you can do with your drones.

This guy essentially grouped a swarm (yes, it’s that many) of drones together and fashioned his own flying machine powered by 54 counter-rotation propellers. Sounds like a mess to control, but it’s all good with six grouped control channels with Hobbyking stabilisation.

Though from what we’ve seen in the video, it took a tremendous amount of effort to keep the super drone stable while it hovered. It isn't the flying car you’ve dreamed of riding as it hovers just a few metres above ground. Nor does it look capable of flying in a straight line at a decent speed. But it looks cool as heck when you ride on this collective effort super drone.

Bring along some ear plugs since the whirling of the propellers will get on your nerves. Goggles too, in case the swirling wind created by the propellers fling something into your eyes.

[Source: TechCrunch]