Gun company under fire for turning Glock into Nintendo Zapper

One bit of gaming gear that's definitely not for kids

Don't mistake Precision Syndicate's custom Glock handgun for a 21st centruy Nintendo Zapper controller - unless you want to put a load of holes through your TV.

The gun company, located in (you guessed it) Texas, was on the receiving end of hundreds of complaints after posting pics of the custom-made handgun to its Facebook page.

It's supposed to look like a 1980's NES Zapper gun, the controller built for quirky classic Duck Hunt. As well as a matching white, red and grey colour scheme, the company has even slapped a Nintendo logo on the side.

Game-themed firearms might sound innocent enough, but anti-gun protestors have laid down a hail of fire for giving this one a childish makeover, in case it makes children want to buy one.

"I am all for gun rights," said one commenter, "but I certainly hope this one is going in a case somewhere for display only."

Whatever you think about gun control, some of the arguments being thrown around online aren't exactly well thought-out: Kids can't actually buy guns, whether they're Nintendo-themed or not.

Precision Syndicate couldn't have sold it anyway, unless they wanted to face the wrath of Nintendo's legal department; the gun was a one-off, commissioned by a collector that wants to put it on display, rather than take it to the shooting range.

The company still had to post a follow-up statement to Facebook, though, explaining that it wouldn't be going into mass production and to "keep your guns locked up and away from children, it's common sense."

It might have caused controversy, but the Zapper mod has probably done great job in raising the company's profile among Texan gun fans.

Don't expect a blue Beretta modded to match Sega's Saturn Stunner, or a purple P228 to match Namco's GunCon2 any time soon, though.