Graphene-made kicks are making an appearance soon

The miracle material could create shoes that are super light and still durable

Coming to your sneakers: graphene. Yes, the much-hyped material used in phone lithium batteries might soon be making its appearance on running shoes.

Tougher, lighter running sneaks

Why is graphene a big deal? Made from a thin layer of pure carbon, graphene is currently the thinnest and strongest compound known to exist, and the best conductor of heat and electricity. Research is still going on about how best to apply this material’s properties (including using it in the producting of bendable phones) with the latest offereing coming from British sportswear brand inov-8.

The brand teamed up with the University of Manchester, making shoes with graphene on the soles by heating them up and adding tiny particles to the rubber. Apparently by doing so, those soles become 50 per cent stronger, stretchier and more resistant to wear.

The company’s selling its graphene shoes for £140 (RM766) and £150 (RM820), and they'll be out next year. Look out for them then.

[Source: Techcrunch]