The Gramovox is a modern speaker system retrofitted with sound

Old souls will love how music sounds like it went back in time through this bluetooth gramophone

Unlike the gramophones of yesteryear, you won’t have to waste precious energy cranking this up. Just link the Gramovox to any Bluetooth-enabled device and let the good old tunes roll.

Taking its design cues from the Magnavox R3 horn speaker of the 1920s, the Gramovox puts a minimalist spin on the best loved gadget of the early twentieth century. Available in walnut or maple wood base, the Gramovox has minimal physical controls - safe for a power switch, Micro USB port, and a 3.5mm stereo input - to fit in with the decor of any modern abode.  

With a facade so current, what does it sound like then? You’ll be glad to know that the sound that emerges out of that big old horn stays true to the analogue experience. Thanks to the steel horn, the sound waves that propagate through produce an authentically vintage tone that contributes to the classic aural experience.

What it lacks in high definition, it more than makes up for in atmosphere (take a listen below). We’d also recommend that you seize the opportunity to find out what dubstep might have sounded like back in the day. 

The Gramavox is available on Kickstarter, beginning from US$249 (RM805).