GrabChat now lets you text your driver for free

Integrated messaging platform means you no longer have to shell out money for texts or calls to your driver

Grab users might have received emails about a new feature on the app, namely GrabChat Beta.

No texts necessary

In an email, users were told they had been selected to be part of a beta for the feature. It read: "You have been selected to take part in our exclusive beta test for GrabChat, our instant messenger that's integrated within your Grab app."

Users were then told to update the app to the latest version (v4.8.0) to enjoy the feature.

In a short video that demonstrated the feature, the Chat is basically a simple messaging platform that allows you to contact your driver from within the app without having to call or text using your own mobile plan.

There are template messages that can be used to send to your driver, and be used by your driver to reply, with just one click. All conversations and texts will be deleted, with no histories kept by the company of conversations.

While the measure is one done for privacy, there's still the likelihood of it being abused by drivers (or passengers) so if there's ever a case where there's questionable texting going on, the screencap is still your best friend.

To know whether your driver has GrabChat enabled, when you make a booking, a Chat icon will be displayed in the "Driver on the way" screen. 

Grab has also asked users to send feedback on the app via email if need be. We're guessing the new feature is still in beta as Grab has yet to make an announcement on its Facebook page, but look out for an email from Grab once the feature goes live.