Grab turns 5, runs special contest to win a total of 55 free rides

Grab is celebrating its birthday in a big way this June

If you're a regular Grab user, it's going to be an awesome week ahead as Grab is giving away a ton of free rides as part of its 5th birthday celebration. 

Will you be the special one?

From 6-14 June, you might just be the one to book the Grab Anniversary Car - that means a free ride. Grab says it's giving away RM23,000 in free rides during the period so who knows, you might be the lucky one.

That's not all: The five luckiest passengers will get a total of 555 free rides, worth RM5550. Yes, they're really laying on the number 5. 

There aren't a lot of caveats besides the usual - no transferring the prize to someone else, and no trying to exchange said ride with cash. Also, there's no guarantee you will get an Anniversary Car as the allocation is completely random.

No promo code necessary, just keep hailing a GrabCar or GrabShare as usual and who knows? You might be that lucky person to get a ton of rides for free.