Grab Implements Facial Recognition To Protect Drivers

The new features were made to ensure the safety of drivers who may be tricked by fake passengers

There's been a lot to look out for in the e-Hailijg industry. With the government introducing a PSV license on drivers,  more is also being done to ensure the safety and well being of both passengers and drivers. With this in mind, Grab has introduced a unique Passenger Verification feature that enables users to verify their identity on Grab's app via a live selfie option as protection from crime for drivers.

This means that if you're a new passenger to the Grab platform, you're required to take a selfie of yourself via Grab as a form of identification. The advanced facial recognition technology ensures that the picture taken is an actual 'live' human face; it's also able to detect and reject inappropriate photos. If you've been using the platform for a while though it may be unnecessary to go through this process.

According to Anthony Loke, Minister of Transport Malaysia, there had already been a case of an e-hailing driver being a victim of passenger crime just two days ago, so this new feature couldn't come soon enough. Sean Goh, Country Head of Grab Malaysia, has pointed out that since its initial roll out early this year, Grab has seen a decline of passenger-related crimes by 30%.

This is part of Grab's long-term safety commitment, together with the Ministry of Transportation Malaysia. Things have been looking pretty grim for both passengers and drivers from the e-Hailing service with all the changes and necessary steps needed. But Loke assured Malaysians all around to bear with the changes and take this inconvenience as a sign of better things to come and for the ease and security of everyone in the future, as he aims to make e-Hailing legal and endorsed.