Got a OnePlus 2 invite? Maxis will sell you the phone, no contract needed

This is for those who received an invitation code from Maxis for OnePlus 2 Zerolution and really don’t want to sign up for the plan and just buy the phone. Currently Maxis is offering the OnePlus 2 for the price of RM1,687 before GST.

The offer now is available to purchase without a contract however you will still need to sign up a rate plan which you can change along the way since you are not tied to any contract. Do note that you can only access the offer if you have an invitation code and the offer is only limited to one device per person.

If you have received a code, it must be activated within 48 hours else it will become invalid. Once activated, the code will be valid for up to a week but that does not guarantee there will be a device booked for you, as it is only a "while stocks last" offer so don’t take too long to decide.


[source : LowYat]