Got cash to burn? How about a jewel-encrusted iPhone 5?

By the time it reaches you, the iPhone 6 might already be out
Got the cash to burn? How about a jewel-encrusted iPhone 5?

Some people just have too much money. Why else would you have stuff like the aptly named Million Dollar Gold and Diamond iPhone on the market?

It’s not even using the latest iPhone 5S, and by the time they’re done (a painstaking five months) customising the phone, the iPhone 6 would be available. At least, that's what we hope.

The diamond adorned bezel of the Million Dollar Gold and Diamond iPhone
That's some bling on the home button

Made by The Alchemist London, a company that specialises in luxeing up gadgets, this blinged-out beauty costs US$1 million (S$1.27m). That’s a lot to drop on what’s going to be old tech. Then again, you can’t really put a price on exclusivity, since only two of these phones will be made.

So what’s contributing to the extremely high price tag? For one, it's made out of 24-carat gold, and that includes the handmade bezel, fabricated rear panel, and hand crafted navigation button.

Then there are the jewels. A total of 1600 flawless F grade diamonds totaling over 16 carats adorn the bezel. It doesn’t stop there, the Apple logo also gets its fair share with 53 diamonds adorning it.

Finally, the home button gets its own single cut, 2-carat diamond.

With the amount of bling on the phone, you’re likely to blind anyone that looks at it. Suprisingly, it isn’t the most expensive phone ever. If you have even more money to burn, Stuart Hughes' £10 million iPhone might be more to your liking.

Source: GSM Arena