This gorgeous Gea concept car has LG’s tech fitted into it

LG joins other tech vendors in jumping on the smart car bandwagon

If a tech conglomerate’s not after VR, there’s only one other emerging market it can possibly be in – the smart car space. And LG’s not one to be left behind in this race; it’s finally dipped its toes into the smart car arena and the result is quite impressive.

Behold, the Gea concept car. Made in collaboration with top automotive design studio Italdesign Giugiaro, LG’s contributed several of its products and technologies to this stunner, which was shown off at the recent 85th Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.  

So what LG tech can you find in it? For one, it’s all about the in-car displays. The main screen is a 12.3in full HD IPS display that is used to handle instrument control, in addition to displaying other information. It is positioned on the center and passenger side of the car. There’s also a 6in curved plastic OLED (P-OLED) display in the front and rear console.

Smartwatch compatibility

The Gea is also compatible with LG’s recently launched smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane LTE (unveiled at MWC 2015). All it needs is a companion app downloaded onto it which then gives you access to feeds and other information from the car. Oh, and you’ll also be able to open and close the car’s door using your smartwatch.

That’s not all – you’ll not only find LG’s technologies inside the car but on its exterior. Take a good look at its tail lamps and you’ll realise that the company’s Surface Illumination (SI) LED technology has been fitted into it. Also, the traditional mirrors have been substituted with three rear cameras.

According to LG, this collaboration is meaningful since it helps the company “better understand smart cars, which will become more and more important in the future”. We reckon this isn’t the last we’ll see of LG and smart cars.