GoPro Fusion is a 360-degree action camera that shoots in 5.2K

Shoot first, choose the photo or footage you want later

GoPro is jumping on the 360-degree bandwagon with its own Fusion camera. Yes, the Fusion shoots 360-degree photos and videos, except in a massive 5.2K resolution.  

Wait, 5.2K resolution?

The idea is the Fusion will record 360-degree 5.2K footage, and you select the exact shot or footage you want in standard HD when you get back. Plus it’s designed to shoot fully immersive virtual reality content, if that’s what you’re into.

Pretty much everyone just wants to get into the thick of the action, so the GoPro Fusion takes the worry out of framing the perfect shot.



This almost sounds like the perfect action cam

Almost is right on the money. That’s all the info we have on the GoPro Fusion - no specs, no lens, nothing. With no new camera from GoPro in the last seven months, we’re crossing our fingers the Fusion isn’t vapourware material.

Got any video samples?

Here’s a 360-degree video captured using the GoPro Fusion.

This sounds great for my off-road cycling trip next month

Sorry avid adventurer, but the GoPro fusion isn’t up for sale until summer this year, and even then it’s a limited release. There’s a pilot program launching soon if you’re interested, you can try your luck by signing up here