Google's Titan Security Key Hits Canada, Japan, UK, And France

It's likely to hit Malaysia at some point too

It's been a year since Google's Titan two-factor authorisation key has arrived in the US, and now it's finally hitting other countries. It's been awhile but the key is now available in Google's online stores in Canada, Japan, UK, and France.

For those unaware, Google’s Titan security key is a physical security solution that enables hardware-based two-factor authentication for the FIDO standard; letting you log into a number of apps and browsers using the key to verify that it’s actually you, instead of relying on a comparatively weak password. The key can connect to the device that requires authentication in three ways — via USB, NFC, or Bluetooth.

The key was initially designed for internal Google use, and has been in active use within the company for over a year, before being made available to customers outside the company last July.

Now the question remains: Why has Google taken so long and will it ever reach Malaysian shores? The Verge asked a Google spokesperson, who responded that it takes time for the keys to be made available in more regions; so we have no choice but to wait.

In the United States, the Titan security key sells for $50 (~MYR208). The prices abroad are similar; In Canada it costs $65 CAD , in Japan it sells for¥6000 (about $56). in France customers pay €55, and for the UK it’s £50 for the device.