Google's planning to serve up mobile roaming without charges

Google plans to save you money and perhaps alienate telcos

Google has telco ambitions and apparently is planning to offer free calls even while roaming. UK's Three network as well as other mobile networks have apparently been in talks with the search engine provider.

The Telegraph is reporting that Google is talking to one such operator - Hong Kong based Hutchison Whampoa. The company, which operates Three and other operating networks in countries that includes Indonesia, Sweden and Denmark, is also in the process of acquiring O2.

No more bill shock

Google isn't going to build its own mobile network, but is apparently planning to use other operators' network infrastructure. It'll be interesting to see how networks respond to that, considering Google will technically be the competition.

Roaming fees are typically painful, making what should have been a day trip away an expensive excursion if you're getting calls from the office.

The European Commission has grand plans to try and abolish roaming fees, but telcos make too much money from them to comply readiliy. We'll see if Google shakes things up enough to get the telcos to reconsider their stance.

[Source: CNet]