Google's new patent lets you 'I heart this' with Google Glass

The wearable tech accessory will recognise such mushy gestures to perform basic features, bringing more practical applications to the eyewear that looks like something out of a sci-fi film
 'I heart this' with Google Glass - Google patent can make it happen

Google might give ordinary folks a reason to get Google Glass for more than novelty value. A new patent that allows gesture recognition presents big possibilities for Google's geeky and techy eyewear.

Heart-ing everywhere you see

The most entertaining bit of the patent has to be the images accompanying it, including what looks like a two-handed 'heart' gesture. What happens is that the tech detects gestures and records them, allowing you to make selections and save the visuals recorded via tech-enabled eyewear.

Couples are definitely going to annoy the heck out of countless people with their endless cropped 'hearted' photos on Facebook. But think of the potential usefulness from being able to 'select' what they see with gestures. Think designers, photographers, architects, even food bloggers.

No word on whether this tech will make it onto the first batch of Glass. In the meantime, check out the UK crew having an eyes-on with Google's wearable tech.

[Source: Engadget]