Google's new Enhanced Gameplay section in Play store gives love to haptic tech

Feel your games, says Google. How could we say no?

Google just announced a new section on its Play Store, called Enhanced Gameplay. That's just a fancy category name for games that come with haptic feedback.

Really feel the Angry Birds

How would haptic feedback work? Well, the best example would be Angry Birds, one of the games to be in the spotlight. With haptic feedback, you would get feedback via vibrations when, say, you pull the slingshot to bump off those annoying pigs. It would simulate the actual feeling of pulling a real slingshot, adding a new dimension to mobile gameplay.

Here's a list of the other games to be slotted in the Enhanced Gameplay list:

  • Archery Tournament
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Clouds & Sheep
  • Ninja Hero Cats
  • Drag Racing
  • Nitro Nation Stories
  • Fishing Superstars: Season 3
  • Hero Siege
  • Orbital Free
  • Solo Air
  • The Spookening
  • Trials Frontier

What do all these games have in common? The haptic technology created by a company called Immersion that works with developers to incorporate haptic feedback into games. Next time you're searching the Play store for your next gaming fix, look up the Enhanced Gameplay section.


[Source: Gizmag]