Google's new Android Wear bands make changing straps a snap

The Mode straps lets you "snap and swap" in an instant

Unlike the Apple Watch, every Android Wear watch is different - well, sort of different at times - because they're made by various companies. Google previously just provided the software, but now the company is getting into accessories too.

Yesterday, Google unveiled its new Mode bands designed for Android Wear, and the bands are designed to be easily swapped. The key is the little sliding lock button on the inside of the wrist: connect the band, click the button shut, and it's secured to the watch. Flick it back and you can remove the band from the unit.

It looks to be Google's solution to the Apple Watch's easily swapped bands, which rely on the device's unique design to lock them into place, and it looks both inventive and easy to understand. You'll simply install the connecting piece and then swap the bands at will, giving you the ability to switch up styles with minimal hassle.

They don't work with every Android Wear device, although we wouldn't be surprised if all future Wear watches ultimately support them. For now, you can apparently use them with all Android Wear watches except for the first-gen Moto 360, Moto 360 Sport, Sony Smartwatch 3, and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. Everything else should be fine.

Google is offering the Mode bands in a sporty silicone option for US$50 (RM195) while leather bands are US$60 (just over RM200) apiece, and both come in 10 different colours and four sizes.

[Source: Google Store via Engadget]