Google's making a Nexus 8 tablet, or so it seems

Leaked images from a Chinese source ignite rumours of an Android powered Nexus tablet
Google's making a Nexus 8 tablet, or so it seems

There have been some spills of a purported Nexus 8 tablet, and Google’s not interested in cleaning it up – not literally, but it’s declined to comment on if the rumours are true.

So take caution that the “100 per cent true” stamped on the image should not be taken too seriously. 

Images leaked online by Chinese website,, show just the screen of what is speculated to be the Nexus 8 tablet. Another source, G for Games, claims the image shows the device wrapped snugly in a case, which prevents us from getting closer to the truth of HTC making this tablet on behalf of Google.

All we can make of the image, besides what’s already been speculated, is that the exposed screen displays a range of brightly-coloured large app icons including that of Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube. 

What about what's on the inside?

Google's making a Nexus 8 tablet, or so it seems

Some sources have been making educated guesses on what the device will sport; Mydrivers' sources claim some of the device’s key details include 3GB of RAM, an Intel Moorefield 64-bit chip, an Android 4.5 OS, and a Qualcomm 64-bit processor.

If these rumours prove to be true, this would be the vendor’s first 8in Google tablet for its product line – it has previously unveiled the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 (if you didn’t realise already, the numbers affiliated to the product names refer to its size). This move might be its shot at beefing up its competition, since many vendors have been diversifying their tablet sizes.

Google’s I/O 2014 conference is set to kick off on 25 June, so fortunately we don’t have to wait too long to find out if the leaks are real.

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[Source: Cnet]