Google's PhotoScan app will not let your memories fade away

You can digitally archive your photos with just a click to keep them fresh forever

Perhaps to encourage more people to use its Google Photos app, Google's just released PhotoScan - an app to scan in your old photos.

Quick and easy

Google says that the app is more than just taking a picture of a picture. It promises to take a smarter approach, with perspective correction, smart rotation, automatic cropping that works via edge detection as well as glare-free scans.

The synergy with the new Google Photos means there is a smooth workflow where you scan your photos with PhotoScan then edit and archive your photos in Google Photos itself. With the expanded Google Photos storage given to the new Pixel phones, it might just be an incentive for snap-happy people to pick up a Google Phone.

Of course, PhotoScan will work on non-Google phones, whether Android or iPhone. Though the app was just released, there's already been a slew of reviews on Google Play. While most seem favourable, some users just aren't impressed. So we'd advise you to give the app a thorough use before you put aside that scanner.

Being photo-oriented, PhotoScan probably won't be useful for text or documents that would need OCR though there are apps for that elsewhere.

Feel like making digital downloads of your baby photos? Then just download PhotoScan from either Google Play or the App Store.