Google’s got a working prototype of Project Ara

Attendees of Google I/O Conference got a glimpse at what it’s been up to with the modular phone
Google’s got a working prototype of Project Ara

The final reveal might be a long way off, but Google’s now one step closer to launching its Lego-like modular smartphone.

At its I/O conference in San Francisco, the tech titan gave attendees an early sneak peek at a working prototype of Project Ara. It basically showed off the developments of the smartphone over the past few months (the project was announced in February).

Google’s Project Ara head, Paul Eremenko, whipped out the prototype during a breakout session at the I/O and flashed the Android bootup screen. Attendees went ecstatic at the sight of it.

Obviously, it’s one of the most exciting things to happen in the world of mobile, and could potentially be Google’s ticket to sit alongside Apple and Samsung.

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One step a time

Google’s got a working prototype of Project Ara

Unfortunately, the phone didn’t manage to fully load up (just like the million times technology’s failed the one time you want it to work) but still got massive support from the crowd. But we’ll cut Google some slack – you shouldn’t expect too much from it at this development stage.

Eremenko claimed the prototype was only recently removed from being "tethered to a laboratory bench" to test its features. But he added that although it’s made some progress on the unit, there’s still much more that needs to be done – including the task of designing it for consumers.

New Deal Design’s helping Google handle the problem, and Eremenko expressed the interest for the phone to be smooth, sleek, and include its popular modularity.

"[However], it must overcome the connotations of boxiness and brick-like that people associate with modularity," he mentioned.

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[Source and image: Mashable]