Google's Datally app helps keep your data use under control

Keep running out of data? There really is an app for that

Google's just announced an app to help you keep your mobile data usage under control - say hello to Datally.

Use less data now

What this does is give you more control over how much data your apps gobble up. 

To keep you aware of how much data an app is consuming at any given time, Datally will tell you the amount that app is using and makes it easy for you to cut off connection should it start to use too much. Datally will also alert you via notifications when apps start getting data happy and give you a neat summary of your daily, weekly and monthly data usage.

Via the app's Data Saver feature, only selected apps will be allowed to update in the background, and Google claims that testers managed to save up to 30% on their usual data usage by using it.

The app will help you find the nearest Wi-Fi spot too, with ratings by Datally users.

Think you need this in your life? Download the app on the Play Store. Sorry iOS users, this one's only on Android for now.