Google's answer to Siri coming soon to Chromebooks

Move over Cortana, nice knowing you, Siri. Google Now soon to be 'always on' for Chromebooks
Google's answer to Siri coming soon to Chromebooks

Apparently Google is in the midst of making your Chromebook feel closer to Android by turning on the "OK Google" feature. It's currently more of a toy for developers to play with but with some tweaks, you could probably get it to work on your Chromebook.

Google dev Francois Beaufort shared tips on his Google page about making OK Google work when the screen is on and unlocked.


OK, Google devs

What you need to do is tweak the following flag: chrome://flags/#enable-hotword-hardware in your Chrome browser on your Chromebook. Then restart your machine, open up settings and then check the new option that pops up: Enable 'OK Google' to start a voice search. Your device will then need to be trained, merely by you saying OK Google three times.

Another helpful hint from Beaufort: All your voice usage history can be found here just in case you want to troubleshoot or just clear it out while the chrome://voicesearch/ page will have more details about how it works.

It still looks rather rough at the moment and with Apple and Microsoft working to properly bake their virtual assistants into operating systems, Google will probably have to try a bit harder.

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