Google's Android for Work now live, lets you better separate work from play

IT admins can now deploy apps to phones, while your photos are safe from the prying eyes of management

Google's finally officially released Android for Work, an endeavour that will allow you to use your personal Android phone for work without needing to worry about privacy concerns (yours) and security (your office's).

In an official post on its blog, Google announced that Android for Work would run perfectly fine on Android 5.0, but there would be workarounds in place for those on Android 4.0 or lower.

Just one, not two phones

Android for Work is pretty handy for those of us who had to shoulder the burden of separate phones for work and for personal use. While on Lollipop workers can just create a separate work profile, those on Ice Cream Sandwich through Kitkat will instead use the Android for Work app.

Both scenarios will still offer the following, managed by company IT personnel: secure mail, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and approved work apps.

Another useful feature would be Google Play for Work, which will allow IT admin to deploy important apps to all employees with the ability to vet said apps. You can still have your Clash of Clans game for your own personal Android profile, don't worry about that.

Google's also offered up its productivity apps as well as support for Exchange and Notes.

Now the question is whether Apple can step up to the plate and offer a similar experience.

[Source: Google via Engadget]