Google's Android Auto wants to build the mobile OS right into your car

Only expect it when Android M comes out next year

When the successor to Google's Lollipop comes out, expect more car-friendly features. According to Reuters, Google wants to build Android directly into your car rather than just connect wirelessly to an Android app.

This is a big deal as Google's biggest competitor in the space, Apple, has, at most, supported Apple device connectivity in cars but not gone as far as to consider building iOS right into cars. Google's move would sync perfectly with its self-driving car initiative.

Android in your garage

With all the hype surrounding electric and perhaps soon, electronic, cars, Google's plan isn't a surprise.

It is rightly hyped as a step up from Google's Android Auto software which pretty much still needs a separate device with Android to be plugged into a car, with Android Auto-ready cars already planned for 2015.

The difference with this plan is to just build Android directly into cars, allowing the mobile OS to power things like navigation and in-car entertainment directly. Of course, this means cars will now be vulnerable to hacking the way Android phones are.

Question is: with Google being the company it is, automotive companies might be leery to rely on Google's software instead of their own traditional proprietary systems. It would also mean allowing Google access to technical schematics and giving Google just another pie to sink its teeth into.

Do we want or really need Android in our cars? It's coming anyway whether we do or not.

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[Source: Gigaom]