Google's 5.9in phablet might be coming soon

After Apple joined the 'too-big-for-your-backpocket' crowd, it only seemed natural Google would follow
Google's 5.9-inch smartphone looks like it's coming soon

The hottest rumour in the Android world seems to be that Google will be coming out with a whale of a phone - semi-literally as it seems Google's calling its next phone the Shamu, after a famous killer whale.

There doesn't seem to be much known about the phone besides its 5.9in screen, a high-resolution display and it being a Nexus. While Google sold off its share in Motorola, the latter will be making the phablet.

It's only going to get bigger

With all the criticism that Apple is getting for its 'too big' iPhone 6 Plus from Android users, it'll be interesting how they react to this new Nexus which is even bigger than Samsung's successful 5.7-inch Galaxy Note.

The new Nexus will be much larger than the current Nexus phone that has a screen of only five inches.

Apparently Google will also try to create a phablet with a great-looking screen at a great price point, in order to compete directly with Apple. But with the iPhone 6 Plus getting favourable reception from the already entrenched Apple users, what could this phone bring to the table that could coax them from the iOS ecosystem?

Price, certainly, could make the Shamu appealing. But if there's one thing that Apple buyers seem to have gotten used to is paying more money for a familiar experience.

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[Source: WSJ]