Google working on "high-performance" 8.9in Nexus 9 tablet

The Nexus 10 is too big, the Nexus 7 is too small, but this Nexus 9 is just right, said Goldilocks
Google Nexus 7

Is the Google Nexus 7 too tiny for you? Nexus 10 a little too big? You're in luck; Google is looking to create an 8.9in Nexus 9 tablet. 

Unlike the budget-conscious Nexus 7, though, the rumoured Nexus 9 is set to be a "high-performance" device, according to CNET's sources at investment consultants IHS Technology. That would place it in direct competition with the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, and Apple's 9.7in iPad Air.

An earlier report from DigiTimes seems to confirm the rumoured high-end spec, suggesting that the 8.9in Nexus tablet will sport a 2K display.

Historically, larger Android tablets have lagged behind their 7in cousins in terms of app development, but that could be set to change, according to DigiTimes Research analyst Jim Hsiao, who writes: "Although Google may still release a smaller-size model in 2014, its strategy of skipping most of the sizes in the 8-inch range and going for an 8.9-inch display […] shows that the Internet giant is starting to shift its focus to large-size tablet applications."

DigiTimes also suggests that the 8.9in Nexus could be priced around US$300 (RM989) – with the cheapest iPad Air costing RM1599 and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 costing RM1250, that would make Google's offering an unbeatable bargain.

Google could be in danger of oversaturating the market for its Nexus tablets, with a 7in tablet, 9in tablet and 10in tablet in its line-up. But with no new Nexus 10 on the horizon, Google may be looking to phase out its biggest slate, replacing it altogether with the Nexus 9. 

We'll find out more about Google's plans – including its Android Wear smartwatch platform – at the Google I/O conference on 25 and 26 June.

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