Google updates Snapseed, proves it didn't waste its money

Fortunately, the app hasn't been left to languish like so many of Google's buys

Snapseed is a multi-purpose photo editing mobile editing that is Google owns, and with the latest upgrade, it lifts the app to the level of its peers.


You can reinstall it now

There are multiple changes in the app, brand new icon, new logo, and a clean and modern interface. The app used to more of a mainstayn the past but as newer and better photo apps came by, it probably fell out of use. With the latest upgrade, the app became much more user friendly and so many functions have been included, like when you open an image, either in portrait or landscape, there will be a few buttons to assist you. There are also two types of histograms that can be viewed and by just a simple tap you toggle them on or off.

There is also the new Stacks feature which allows you to keep tabs on all the edits that you have approved in the past, and tapping on the plus(+) sign icon will drop down and reveal to you all of the app’s editing tools.

Other new features includes Perspective Transform and Spot Healing which adds a new twist to photo editing and meanwhile new filters such as Lens Blur and Tonal Contrast are added to the new update. You can also selectively apply filters and effects to certain parts of the image with the Brush tool. Application of edits are still the same as you just pick a function and there will be a bar for you to use your finger to control how high or low you want the setting to be. To switch controls, just nudge the screen gently.

Snapseed works with all images, including those from any phone camera, DSLRs or compact cameras.  Most of the features will include a short animation that demos the particular feature which you can activate by tapping the question mark button.

Overall, there are tons of filters to play with and Snapseed is smart enough to keep the app easy-to-use and user friendly.

[Source: TNW)