Google updates Maps with a new Views hub

If your Android device is up to taking panoramic shots, then this might be the simplest ways to share your Photo Spheres with

If you're the type who loves taking those huge panorama shots then you'll dig Google's new Views page, part of its Google Maps offering. It makes the most of the new Photo Spheres feature that came with Android 4.2 that stitches pictures together to create 3D shots that make you feel as though you're 'inside' a view.

3D experiences, anyone?

With Views, you can upload all those photo spheres that you captured with your phone or tablet and then mark them on Google's Maps.

The page will let you easily view all your photo spheres, provided you also link it via your Google+ account. Photo spheres can be added either via Google+ imports, from its image-sharing site Picasa or directly from your Android gallery app. One caveat though: you have to be running Android 4.2.

Google has also added in its Street View Gallery so you can gawk at other panoramas.

While Views is a novel way to enjoy 3D photos it will probably take some time for a lot of content to appear as version 4.2 usage is not widespread yet and Photo Sphere is limited to 4.2 users.

It's a step in the right direction though as rival offerings like Yahoo's Flickr means Google has to be more competitive when it comes to persuading users to upload their images to its servers and, hopefully, pay for extras.

[Source: Engadget]