Google trying to out-translate Skype with new app update

The update will improve speech-to-text but it's rumoured Google Now will also see a bunch of other tweaks
Google trying to out-translate Skype with new update

Skype made waves with its attempt at real-time speech translation. Google isn't letting the service (and by default, Microsoft) reign supreme in that space and is apparently making changes to its Google Translate app to enable it to recognise popular languages faster and translate what it hears into text.

NYT carried the story though there is no ETA for the app update, which looks set to go to Android first.

Goodbye, Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Google trying to out-translate Skype with new update

While Skype now has competition, one company might see itself being slightly threatened - voice recognition expert Nuance known for its pricey though popular speech recognition software Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Microsoft has also embedded voice recognition into Windows 7 though it is not nearly as good or feature-rich as Nuance's standalone software. But the argument is that Google and Skype are competing to create a world where people can easily speak to each other without needing to speak the same language. Still, a major component of machine translation is the recognition of speech and the ability to convert it into text.

With the popularity of Siri and Google Now, speech recognition has moved into the realm of default and it won't be surprising if software like Dragon becomes superfluous.

As to the other changes coming to Google Now, an inspection of the code has revealed a possibility of third-party apps being able to add their cards to Google Now's interface. We breathlessly anticipate the eventual coming of a universal translator.

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