Google Stadia Subscription To Cost US$9.99/mo; To Launch In November

There's also a bundle that includes the Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra

Google has revealed a lot about their upcoming gaming streaming service, Google Stadia, this week. Not only was it revealed that the service will be officially launched this November, but there are also two subscription tiers to look out for.

The subscription tiers include the free option called the Stadia Base which comes with plenty of limitations such as resolution up to 1080p and no free games or exclusive discounts. For all that and more, you will need the Stadia Pro which comes at US$9.99 (roughly MYR40) per month.

As it is a gaming streaming service, your internet will need to catch up if you want to enjoy that 4k resolution and high framerates. You'll need speeds of 35Mbps or higher to be exact, though it can still run at the minimum recommendation of 10Mbps for a much lower resolution of 720p.

It's also important to remember that the subscription works similarly to the PlayStation Plus subscription in terms of games; you get some free games and plenty of other privileges, but don't expect the latest games or all games to be available for free. You will get some exclusive discounts on selected games, but even then there's no information how much games would cost on this platform in comparison to others. So all this is still up in the air for now.

As the Stadia Pro is launching in November, you can pre-order the Stadia Pro's Stadia Founder's Edition bundle for US$129 (around MYR536) which will also get you a limited edition Night Blue Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra and a three-month subscription of Stadia Pro. The free game you will get once the service is launched is Destiny 2: The Collection.

As for where it will be launched, unsurprisingly Malaysia will not be part of the first wave. Google Stadia will first launch in 14 countries; including US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Fingers crossed that Malaysia would be included soon enough!