Google+ spins off Photos, Streams into seperate services, Hangouts could be next

Google's Google+ is being taken apart, which leaves us wondering what it means for the service's future

Google's been doing some shuffling around, announcing it is making longtime Google VP Bradley Horowitz the lead for the new Google Photos, and Streams. Both were once features of Google+, Google's attempt at out-Facebooking Facebook. Sadly Google+ has not caught on the way Google hoped and there are rumours that Hangouts could also be separated completely from Google+.

The beginning of the end?

Horowitz is effectively replacing former Google+ head David Besbris and according to a Forbes interview with Google's senior VP of products Sundar Pichai, Google was seeing communications, photos and the Google+Steam as three different areas instead of one - foreshadowing the split.

Key thing here is how is Google going to capitalise on its Photos and Streaming service now that they're both standalone. Wouldn't seperating them out give people even less reason to join Google+ now? What it looks like now is that Google is conceding it hasn't quite gotten the hang of social media and is instead trying to salvage whatever usable portions Google+ has.

We'll just have to see whether the move was a good one or another case of Google spreading itself out too thin.

[Source: The Verge]