Google slips Chrome OS into Windows 8

Infiltrating Microsoft’s Metro user interface is the first step for Chrome OS domination
Google slips Chrome OS into Windows 8

If you’ve been a scaredy cat and didn’t want to wipe your hard disk to install Google’s Chrome OS, here's an easy way to test drive Google’s Chrome OS.

Chrome’s latest update to its browser for Windows 8 devices will turn its “Metro” mode into a mirror of Google's web-based operating system. This includes an app launcher, which houses Chrome apps that you’ve been hoarding on your Chrome browser. Standard Google services such as Gmail, YouTube and Drive will also be kept neatly in a shelf and easily arranged for instant access.

Want to try it on your Windows RT tablet? By now, you’re probably aware that Chrome is not available on Windows RT. So it’s a no-go if you want to get a whiff of Chrome OS on that Microsoft Surface RT.

The update also includes a noisy tabs tracking feature. As the name implies, sites that are streaming audio or video, including voice or video chats, have an icon on the tab. It’s especially great, if you need to kill a tab in case someone walks in when you’re having some sexy time on the web.

[Source: Google via The Verge]