Google secretly planning to dominate living room with Android TV?

Failure of Google TV not stopping the search company
Google secretly planning to dominate living room with Android TV?

Seems news has leaked about Google trying to again make its way to our TVs with Android TV. The last time it tried to push out Google TV, with CEO Eric Schmidt prophesying that Google TV would make its way to all our TVs...well, obviously it hasn't happened now, has it?

But maybe second time's the charm as Android TV is taking a simpler route to our hearts and remotes. What Google is trying to do with it is not to make your TV a big smartphone, but instead creating what it calls an "entertainment interface". It will not change how you use your TV, but instead Google will 'helpfully' be recommending you stuff to watch. Or buy. Or play.

Google is also promising that it will be "cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast". The leaked screens on The Verge make it look not all too much different from Amazon's newly-launched Fire TV

What about Chromecast?

Here's the thing, though. Chromecast, Google's attempt at an alternative to Apple TV boxes is still around. Partners like LG are still integrating their TVs with it. But developers are apparently already creating things for the Android TV platform.

Now of course, the important thing to ask here is how long will it take to get to Asia? Or will we have to put up with the very long wait for Google to make Android TV available to us here? Seeing the precedent of Google Play media, best not hold our breaths.

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