Google Search rival DuckDuckGo gets revamp

If you'd like to search without the snooping, DuckDuckGo is a worthy alternative for the privacy obsessed
Google Search rival DuckDuckGo gets revamp

Incognito mode or not, there's no real guarantee that Google is not surrendering your private data, especially when it already has access to your emails, chats and possibly photos.

And seeing how much targetted advertising that is popping up in our emails, and possibly showing up in your Google feeds, a non-invasive search tool is much welcome.

Enter DuckDuckGo, an unfortunately named search engine competitor for Google that promises not to track you. (Seriously though, "Let me just DuckDuckGo it" is just not going to catch on). The search engine is now getting around 5 million search queries per day, not bad for something that sounds more like a quirky travel site.

In response to user feedback, DuckDuckGo chief executive Gabriel Weinberg has said the search engine is going to get a website refresh.

A lot more like Google?

Google Search rival DuckDuckGo gets revamp

The original website looked a little too generic, something like without the clutter of Yahoo. But the new design is a lot like Google's own homepage or the Firefox landing page.

Some users might dislike the lack of functionality in the new version as the original version allowed you to try the same search on various social networks like Facebook or Twitter. But without the additional search options, it does have a cleaner interface.

What the redesign does is strip the search down to a very clean, list-based search list. You know, like Google before it decided to add advertisements and other clutter to the website. Not that there aren't any sponsored links at the top of the search, but it's less obtrusive and a bit more organic.

There are three main tabs that show up in the refresh: images, products and videos, while the main text-based search results show up at the bottom. If you're searching for an artist, a scrollable horizontal list of videos will show up, ironically looking far cleaner than Google's video results.

Overall, the new direction of DuckDuckGo could make it not so much a Google killer but a far more interesting option as compared to Bing or the old standby Yahoo.

You can check out the site refresh and decide for yourself if this is your Google alternative.

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