Google Play Newsstand available in Malaysia

More ways to distract yourself on your phone, thanks to Google

Earlier this year in February Google introduced Google Play Newsstand, an app that puts all written content into magazines/dailies, very much like the Apple Newsstand, replacing the Google Current’s app.

Ever since then Malaysian would not have much use for the app as it does not include local content but Google is going to add a little more Malaysian flavour into the app’s content selections, this includes Berita Harian, NSTP, The Star and if you prefer more non-mainstream media, there is also KiniTV and the Malaysian Insider.

On the app, there will 2,000 different sources for content, some are free and some are paid. Each user will have a different Read Now page as the app selects content based on your interest that you can select when you first boot up the app.

[source : SoyaCincau]