Google Play Music now has ad-supported radio service

Moochers, Google Music will accommodate you now

Google's adding a free but ad-supported radio service to Google Play Music. The service is available and open to all that use the app and is very similar to the other available ad-supported free radio service out there. The new service was built on Google’s acquiring of Songza about a year ago.

The full Google Music Play service still remains at US$9.90 a month allowing full access to Google Play’s 30 million songs that you can stream online or download to listen offline, but only after a 60-day free trial period.

It's timely for Google to launch this as Apple Music is yet to launch. There are limitations, though. No more than six song skips, no rewinding, scrubbing through songs or see what's next. If you want full control you'll just have to pay the subscription fee.

[source : 9to5Mac]