Google planning ultra-cheap handset for the masses

Google's going for territory other smartphone makers have put a stake in

Selling cheap phones to India: not a new strategy but one Nokia and Samsung have banked on to push sales of entry-level phones up. Google is also planning a sub-US$50 for the Indian market, after recently launching a slightly pricier US$185 phone with the Pixel V1. It's now having a relook at its entry-level model Android One and how it's selling the phone particularly in India.

Google's usual distribution method for its phones - via online sales - didn't work well in India where offline retailers still outnumber online sellers. Not to mention the ease of access of these smaller retail outfits than the Internet.

Expect Google to tweak its plans for Android One and make an even cheaper phone that's easier to procure. The rest of us just wish we could get Nexus phones when we wanted them.

[Source: Androidcentral]