Google planning to offer custom cases for Nexus phones, including Maps-based designs

Leaked website images and photo show stylish backings paired with live wallpaper

There’s no shortage of case options for most popular smartphones today, but it appears that Google plans to get into the space for its Nexus devices, leveraging the power of Google Maps to help deliver unique, custom designs.

Android Police came across images of a Google website called Workshop, which lets users create customised Nexus 5 cases. Like some other services, you can upload a photo to create your own phone shell with a family member or favorite eye-catching design. Various filters and text options are available to put a finishing touch on your creation.

But there’s more to this initiative. Not only do you get an original case for your phone, but also a matching live wallpaper, which can display additional photos and more. It’s all done via what looks to be a rather easy-to-use web interface, showing how Google can make something so powerful and complex seem so simple.

And perhaps most interesting of all is the ability to create a design on the fly using Google Maps. You can hone in one your hometown, a favorite vacation spot, or anywhere else, then frame up the result however you’d like and customise it with artistic filters, various colours, and text. You’ll again get a live wallpaper to match, which could be the coolest part of all.

While the purported website images only show the Nexus 5, a leaked photo shows a Maps-based case mounted to a Nexus 6 (above) - and it looks darn sharp. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when to expect the Workshop to become publicly available, but it seems like Google is on to something here.

[Source: Android Police]