Google Pixel 4 Leak Confirm Thick Bezels And Hand Gesture Control

Soli, not soli

From previous leaks and aside from its “we’re not copying Apple, we swear!” camera placement, we’re also lead to believe that the Google Pixel 4 will come with thick bezels rather than featuring a notch on its screen. The bezels are to house the phone’s front cameras and visuals sensors, but thanks to leakster Ice Universe, new leaks showcasing the Pixel 4’s screen also confirms an oval cutout on the upper right which supposedly houses Google’s Project Soli radar.

For those who don’t know, Project Soli is a fancy name for a feature developed by Google which allows you to perform gestures to control your device. The oval cutout is visible on both standard and XL variants of the Pixel 4, so we can safely assume that this feature will be a unique selling point for the phone. Google is still tight lipped on the phone’s details aside from a teaser showcasing the Pixel 4’s infamous cameras a while back. The smartphone is expected to be unveiled during fall this year, so do stay tuned to Stuff Asia for the latest news of the Google Pixel 4.