Google Pixel 2: Everything we know so far

What about the regular Pixel 2?

Here's where we might be set up for some disappointment. Rather than just make the Pixel 2 XL a larger version of the basic model, Google seems to be going for a split design this year, leaving the regular Pixel with standard screen bezels instead of super-thin ones.

Really? Yes, really. In June, XDA Developers issued a report claiming that the Pixel 2 will be "almost identical" to the previous model, with another 5in, 1080p display. However, it may lack the headphone jack this time around, following Apple's iPhone 7 lead. That seems to match the latest set of leaked prototype images doing the rounds online.

The lack of skinny bezels is disappointing, but that will at least leave room for stereo speakers above and below the screen, and space at the sides for HTC's touch-sensitive Edge Sense abilities - only here they will apparently be called "Active Edge" and open the Google Assistant when you squeeze it.

How much power will the Pixel 2 pack?

No matter which size Pixel 2 you pick, it sounds like Google is going for top-of-the-line specs in both.

We were originally expecting to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 within – the same used in the OnePlus 5 and some regional versions of the Galaxy S8. However, new leaks suggest Qualcomm's latest and greatest Snapdragon 836 will be used instead. According to Fudzilla, this new CPU will be about 10 per cent faster than the 835, while finding some battery improvements too.

Whatever chip makes the cut, it will be flanked by 4GB in the Pixel and the XL. Android Police's big leak had those details mentioned for the Pixel 2 XL, while the XDA Developers leak just before then mentioned the same specs for both models. Even if they end up varying in design and screen specs, at least you should get the same power from both.

Is there anything else I should know about the Pixel 2?

A couple of things. According to the Android Police report, the Pixel 2 XL is being manufactured by LG this time around. It might even follow a very similar setup to LG's V30, which was revealed at IFA in early September. Of course, HTC manufactured the original Pixel and Pixel XL for Google. As the standard Pixel 2 is reportedly keeping the same design as the first 5in model, it makes sense that HTC has held onto the smaller version.

Another report from XDA claims independent verification that the Pixel 2 will have the squeezable sides, which will be used to awaken Google Assistant whether the phone screen is on or off.

The phones won't be arriving by themselves, either. The DroidLife leak revealed a new Daydream View headset, a smaller, simpler version of Google Home, and the Pixelbook - a premium Chromebook complete with digital stylus input.