You Can Now Search For Text Within Images Saved On Google Photos

A super useful tool for the modern-day shutterbug.

With cameras being a cornerstone of modern day living, people of today depend more and more on their smartphone cameras to capture even the smallest of instances. The storing of these images can get a little messy with time, but Google Photos is setting up a new feature that will make the decluttering of these photos much easier.

How often do you take a picture of either a document, your parking spot number, or a business card? Well if you find yourself losing track of these pictures among the many, many photos within your smartphone, Google Photos has now been updated with a new function to search for words within images.

Google Photos currently can be used to search for photos of friends, family, and even pets that are in a picture. Using a technique known as optical character recognition (OCR), the app can detect texts big or small, and in whatever font and even those at an angle, which you can easily search on the Google Photos search bar. An added bonus is that by tapping the Lens button, one can easily copy and paste the text on your device’s clipboard.

This feature is now live for the Android and desktop versions of Google Photo, with the iOS version to be updated soon. It’s definitely pretty useful in the grand scheme of things, and hopefully it becomes a standard across other apps and devices.