Gallery Go Is The Lite Version Of Google Photos

A lighter alternative to keep your photos on your smartphone.

Smartphone cameras are only getting better and better, from adding up to 4 lenses on rear camera setups, to selfie cameras taking 4K photos. With millions of photos being taken everyday, there are many apps to store these photos which is mostly limited by storage space on smartphones and Internet connections through Cloud storage. Google is introducing a solution on these limits for emerging markets in third world countries through Gallery Go.

Gallery Go operates similarly to Google Photos, meaning it’s already widely available on Android phones, along with Google’s other suite of services like Docs and Drive. The app was designed by Google for users in countries like Nigeria, who might have unreliable Internet connection, as well as designed to not take a lot of space on a phone’s memory. Downloading Gallery Go only takes 10 MB of storage space.

The app uses machine learning to organise your photos into categories, and there’s also built-in functionality to auto-enhance and add filters to your photos. The main difference between Gallery Go and Google Photos is that Gallery Go was designed to function offline, as well as taking less processing power for lower specced Android smartphones.

Overall, this is part of Google’s efforts to expand their services for users all over the world, bridging the gap in tech between third and first-world countries. Gallery Go is available right now on the Google Play Store.