Google Now wakes you from your commute slumber

You’ll never, ever miss your stop ever again
Google Now wakes you from your commute slumber

This scenario looks all too familiar - while you commute to work on a public transport, you dozed off and missed your stop. Google has the solution for that.

Google Now has included a new feature to solve this first world problem; by letting you set an alarm to wake you from your sleep. And we’re not talking about the same alarm that you preset with an exact timing to go off.

This alarm doesn’t use time as a determining factor. Instead, it's triggered when Google Now (and the phone) realises you're reaching your destination via GPS. So regardless if your commute takes 30 minutes or an hour, sleepyheads will be up when they need to get off.

All you need to do is open Google Now on your Android smartphone when you’re on the public transport and it’ll prompt to set off an alarm near a saved location, which could be work or home.

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Google Now adds to its features

Google Now wakes you from your commute slumber

Up till now, Google Now has been slowly adding on features to its app – such as providing you with game scores, or offering you travel durations to and from work at the corresponding times. There’s even one that tells you where you’ve parked your carSo this update makes a handy addition to the lot, and one less worry in your day.

BUT, we wouldn’t recommend that you put your full trust in it because it still needs a network coverage to work, so while the app’s functionality itself might be spot on, your network coverage, on the other hand, might not be. 

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