Google might give Nexus users unlimited photo storage at original sizes

Previously, choosing unlimited storage meant having your photos downsized

It seems as though Google is prepping a means to encourage more people to get a Nexus phone in an update to its Google Photos app. AndroidPolice did a teardown on the app's latest update and found that Nexus users might soon be able to upload their photos at original resolutions and yet still use the unlimited storage option.

Google usually gives two cloud storage options: unlimited, but your photos will be tweaked to take up less space or at original resolution, but there's a quota.

The code shows a specific string of text that states: "Unlimited free storage for original quality photo & videos uploaded from your Nexus device", which is a big deal considering that the Nexus 6P can shoot 4k quality video.

No word, however, whether this will be a feature that will be rolled out soon or as a means to promote the latest batch of Nexus devices that will be coming. Apart from the storage tweak, the Google Photos app will also likely see the addition of contrast and exposure tweaks, a new album sorting mode as well as folders on Android devices being viewable in Album View.

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[Source: AndroidPolice]