Google Maps tell you how long it takes to travel by air, on a dragon

If the Game of Thrones wyrm doesn’t suit your fancy, then maybe take a dip trip with the lake-living Nessie
Google maps tells you how long it takes to travel by Drogon flight

The Game of Thrones’ dragon eggs have landed on Google as easter eggs. Well, it doesn’t quite have to be the GoT dragon eggs – if those from How to Train your Dragon tickle your fancy, we’ll go with that.

Point is, Google’s enabled an option on Maps for you to gauge how long it takes for you to travel by air on a dragon, or by sea on the Loch Ness monster – since taking the car, train, or any other mode of public transport these days is too passé. 

Apparently, the tongue-in-cheek directions show a trip from Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) to Brecon Beacons in the UK takes about 21 minutes on the winged monster. Comparatively, you will take 39 hours if you trekked the route by foot.

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Aww! There's a Nessie option too

Google maps tells you how long it takes to travel by Drogon flight

And if you’re after some sea travel, hitch-hiking a ride on Nessie between Urquhart Castle and Fort Augustus in Scotland will take you 28 minutes – seemingly faster than taking a bus, which records an average of 24 minutes.

Seems pretty fast, and also keeping in mind they seriously reduce the amount of carbon emissions, we’re considering going on a dragon/Nessie hunt.  

We’re bummed the option is only restricted to the UK not because of its stark (pun intended) resemblance to King’s Landing, but because the option was enabled to celebrate the launch of new public transport routes on the service across the continent.

We can't wait for a similar option for Malaysia. 

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[Source and image: Mashable]